• AromaBalls™


    These little AromaBalls make scents!  These cute little balls are perfect for drawers, suitcases, shoes, car, locker or any small place that needs some freshening up! When the scent fades just add a few drops of oil (included) to bring them back to their original smelly strength! They are #StinkinCute

    Pack of 2 with oil - $20 ~ Pack of 6 with oil -$50

    Pep in Your Step is specially formulated for athletic shoes, everyday sneakers and boots. Our anti-microbial, anti-fungal and antibacterial blend will keep your shoes feeling fresh and your feet feeling healed. Put a little Pep in Your Step !

    Lovely Linens is a luxurious blend of citrus and floral notes specifically for your delicates drawer or your linen closet. Keep your best laundry smelling fresh and lovely.

    Canna Cover is a special formulation for those who smoke cannabis or tobacco. This focused blend of woody notes combined with lavender, cover the scent that follows recreational smoking. Smell fresh after your break and keep your Canna covered.

    Cedar Mothballs are the perfect replacement for the toxic mothballs you found at your grandma's house. Go green and eliminate toxins while keeping the moths from eating your most precious wool.