One of the biggest challenges being a single mom is providing an abundant life for my girl, all the while spending quality time together. Life passes by so quickly and my most important value is seizing every moment of our precious and limited time together. Up until recently, I had a difficult time solidifying an avenue for my wild and endless passion of helping the world become a better place. Before starting our business Organic Necessity™ I put myself through school and attained an M.A. in Transformative Social Change and a B.A. in Philosophy of Theology. Both of these degrees were attained for the purpose of living life to its fullest through studying how to help all humans realize their individual and unified magnificence. Once I graduated, the challenge became about how to manifest my dreams into reality; all the while raising a daughter by myself. My faith in Torah/Zohar was and always will be, my driving force. Thankfully, Thanksgiving 2015 I was introduced to the magic of Cradle2Cradle certified wool and through lengthy creative exploration, I have mastered the construction of the 100% natural, non-toxic, organically scented and environmentally safe WoolyBalls™. The fact that I can do business from home with the help of my teenager is a dream come true! In the future it is my intention to share this business with other single parents as well as those who need help making ends meet, helping everyone involved in Organic Necessity seize the precious time with their families while helping to provide the lifestyle they desire.