When we work together to change our daily habits we are assured success individually and collectivley.
~ Jenni Lynne Founder/Ballerologist Organic Necessity

Organic Necessity™ (O.N.) is a company founded by a single mom and her daughter for the purpose of learning and teaching entrepreneurship and spending time together; the primary objective to make a difference in the world. The intention of Organic Necessity is to bring chemical free and non-toxic products to market; ultimately helping families detoxify their lives and lower their individual and collective carbon footprint. Our secondary objective is to reintroduce manufacturing to the U.S., bringing jobs to the economically disadvantaged and survivors of sex trafficking and domestic abuse. Organic Necessity believes in the power of a circular economy and it is our mission to lead by example through changing our daily habits and through active participation in our local communities. We are a butterfly.

All Organic Necessity products are 100% natural and biodegradable; our mission, to put earth first. A majority of our products are handmade in Portland, Oregon and San Diego, California from domestic Cradle2Cradle certified wool and are 100% sourced from local Portland companies. Organic Necessity SoapSeeds™ come from a certified organic and sustainable fair trade farm, in the Himalayas via Nepal. All fragrances used and sold are 100% natural and derived from organic plants and flowers.

At O.N. we strive to be authentic and unmistakable, guiding our customers towards a lifestyle that is safe and environmentally friendly while adding some humor to everyday necessary activities. Our products reflect the Earth's need for healthy alternatives for our air and water and are designed to bring an all-natural alternative to the chemical laden products we use every day. Organic Necessity believes in family, loving our neighbor and taking care of Mother Earth.

We Believe ~Everyone should be a Baller.  #beaballer

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