Multi-Benefits of WoolyBalls™

Save Time and Money~ Help a Woman Heal~ Lower Your Carbon Footprint

WoolyBalls™ are handmade downtown Portland, Oregon by survivors of Sex Trafficking, Domestic Abuse and Homelessness. Through strategic partnerships we have found a way to :

  • help and love our struggling neighbors
  • help your family reduce your carbon emissions omitted by your household dryer
  • completely eliminate toxic and harmful products from your laundry room.


It doesn't get any better than that!!
  • Save Time, Money and Energy!

Wool is a natural fiber that holds 1/3 its weight in water; it also has a natural softener called "Lanolin". When 4-10 WoolyBalls are used in the dryer at the same time they save energy by absorbing water from wet laundry as well as breaking up the clothing that sticks together, therefore lessening dryer time by 10-30 minutes per load. WoolyBalls™ also adds a natural softening agent (lanolin) which provides for the elimination of toxic fabric softeners as well as eliminates annoying static.

Never buy fabric softener or dryer sheets again!!

Energy Facts and Figures:

PGE (Portland General Electric) states it costs approximately .50 to dry a load of clothes. The national foundation for energy and carbon emissions states that every time we run our dryer we omit 5 kilowatts of green house gases into the atmosphere. With 6-10 Woolyballs™ in every load our carbon output is cut by 33%- 50% and that adds up over time! Furthermore every time we shorten our dry time we save on electrical costs. When we save time, money and energy drying our laundry, we have more time for what matters most.


The amount of laundry you do every week ads up! Below are approximate energy and product savings for a family of 4.

Energy Savings

  • 10 loads of laundry @ .50 a load ≈ $260 annual electric bill

  • 10 loads of laundry with WoolyBalls @.33 a load ≈ $172

  • Savings of $88 annually (Note: the more Woolyballs you use, the less time you will use your dryer)

Product savings

  • 10 loads of laundry @ .13 a dryer sheet ≈ $68 annual dryer sheet cost

  • 10 loads of laundry @ .08 with Woolyballs ≈ $42 (WoolyBalls last 2-3 years)

  • Savings of $162 over 3 years

  • 10 loads of laundry @ .07 a load for softener ≈ $36 annual softener cost

  • 10 loads of laundry @ .08 with Woolyballs ≈ $42 (WoolyBalls last 2-3 years)

  • Savings of $105 over 3 years

TOTAL SAVINGS $530 over 3 years

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle... It's how we work and what we believe....

  •  Your energy bill and your product costs 
  • Approximate Annual Savings ≈ $300
  • Lessen your households carbon footprint by lessening your kilowatt usage
  • Time doing laundry which equals more time with your family

  • Synthetic perfumes derived from petroleum-based ingredients.
  • Woolyballs are 100% natural and safe for our environment and are handmade by amazing women dedicated to getting back on their feet!


  • Never buy dryer sheets or fabric softener again
  • WoolyBalls last 3-4 years


  • The core structure of the WoolyBall is made from 100% recycled Pendleton Wool
  • 100% Bio-degradable
  • They are so beautiful they can be showcased as a home decorative item

Environmentally Friendly and Non-Toxic

According to EWG (Environmental Working Group) there is not a dryer sheet on the market that passes the non-toxic requirements to get a passing grade. Wool as a natural fiber is biodegradable and naturally scent free. To see where your laundry products rate click here

Cradle2Cradle Certified Wool

Pendleton is an Oregon based company that strives to bring only the most conscious wool to its consumers and Pendleton has done the work it takes to receive the coveted Cradle2Cradle certification. Cradle2Cradle certifies the entire process of manufacturing Pendleton wool, meets their rigorous standards. For more information on Cradle2Cradle certification click here.