Finding solutions to our global environmental crisis is an organic necessity-- wool is a natural resource that when procured with care and intention, can be used daily to help us cut our energy usage in our homes. 10+ dryer balls used in every dry cycle will cut dry time considerably-- up to half. This might not be a huge difference individually (average monthly savings $8-$25) but the saving of kilowatts, over millions of households, could be enough to turn us about face-- a movement, to get us headed in the right direction. Our first priority is our Mother Earth-- nothing matters is she isn’t happy with us. We need to protect her and temper our electricity usage-- any type of appliance that has a heating element in it is a great user of electricity.

Farmers markets are an untapped hyper-local economic opportunity and resource. When we make a point to visit and buy local produce, breads, cheeses, spices and condiments, art, jewelry, refurbished clothing, laundry products -- we are supporting our neighbors and America. The American Dream is alive and kicking -- only a few are at the party, though there is room for many many more.

I have worked hundreds of farmers markets, all of them different and unique. Some are on grass others are on concrete, some have arts some don’t. What they all have is people, and farmers and fresh produce and children, there are always children. Where children are, growth and change is required.

Unity is an organic necessity, as much as water, healthy food, clean air and happiness -- we must have these things, if we are to thrive and truly enjoy our precious lives. Many Americans are not thriving and because of this, it is safe to assume they are not fully enjoying life either. Living paycheck to pay check is not thriving-- living in fear of humanities eminent demise, if we do not act now, deprives us of enjoyment. There is a solution.
Start an organic necessity small business-- either alone or with your neighbors-- I do it mostly alone, I suggest doing it with neighbors.

Everything I know, I am going to share-- for free.