noun: baller; plural noun: ballers

  1. 1.
    a person that makes or forms something into balls.
  2. 2.
    a player of the laundry game, especially a talented Woolyball™ player.
    "he's a baller who will take an open shot or create one to save hundreds of dollars a year and support survivors of trafficking, domestic abuse and homelessness."
    • a successful person, typically one who has a keen sense of personal power or a unity conscious lifestyle.
      "who doesn't feel like a baller using the Organic Necessity Detox Kit with all natural and handmade WoolyBalls™ and SoapSeeds™ out of a refillable  glass jar?"
adjective: baller
  1. 1.
    extremely good or impressive; excellent.
    "he must have some pretty baller ideas on how to unite with our neighbors under the Declaration of Independence from harmful chemical toxins and packaging waste. "


Be a Baller and...

  • Stand against harmful toxins and packaging waste!  (it is hurting our families and trashing our planet!)

  • Stand for our Mother Earth and get behind women who are healing. The number of women who are healing from #metoo is staggering. Our Mother Earth is under great duress. Is it possible they can heal each other? We think so.

  • Realize our individual AND unified power. You are important, you are powerful, you matter. When connected to our neighbor, our power triples. 1+1=3 There is power in numbers, and even more power when we share with our neighbors for the purpose of healing our planet.