• Detox Kit: (1500 drys ~250 washes)


    WoolyBalls™ are an all natural alternative for toxic dryer sheets and fabric softener;
    eliminating static and softening naturally. Use them all at once and up to 1000-1500 times.

    Easily scented with essential oils you already have at home. Handmade in the USA from domestic Cradle to Cradle certified Merino wool. WoolyBalls™ have been deemed by customers as the "Gucci" of dryer balls.

    SoapSeeds™ are what's Saponin! Saponin is a natural non-toxic surfectant which

    simply means, pure soap! Imported from a family fair trade farm in Nepal, SoapSeeds grow on trees and omit zero grey water while cleaning clothes effectively and impeccably. 4-6 seeds wash 15-20 loads of clothes. Simply use seeds until they disintegrate to nothing. Perfect for skin sensitivities like contact dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

    In fact, SoapSeeds™ are so effective, we have moms cloth diapering with them.

    SoapSeeds™ are extremely effective when melted down into dish detergent and household cleaning solutions.

    Use every day in every way. Recipes included in purchase