• Make Your Own Beeswax Wrap

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    Make your own beeswax wraps with ON Pacific North West Beeswax Wrap bar. One bar makes two 18'x22' inch wraps that can be cut into multiple sizes. Replace cellophane and sandwich bags, fully and forever. 100% biodegradable and compostable. Our wraps can keep an avocado green for up to five days. Keeps food fresh longer, while caring for our planet. Eliminating plastic in the kitchen has never been so easy or fun. Use organic washed cotton (no softener or dryer sheets) cut into sizes that fit your kitchen and lifestyle.


    You will need:

    Pinking sheers

    Clean organic cotton fabric cut into sizes of your choice

    Non-stick clean frying pan

    Use a non-stick large frying pan. Place bar in the pan and turn stove on to medium heat. Allow bar to melt half way. Remove bar and turn down heat between medium to low. Holding top corners of the cotton fabric dip fabric into melted wax, slowly turning fabric until entirely saturated. Hold fabric until wax hardens, or place on the corner of the counter and allow to dry while making another wrap. Wax is hot but hardens quickly. Repeat until wax is gone. Pan cleans easily by wiping out with extra fabric remnants or biodegradable paper towels.

    Video tutorial coming soon--